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Judul Evaluasi pengaruh consumer based brand equity dan country of origin relationship terhadap produk elektronik merek Sharp
Edisi Vol. V No. 1 Januari 2014
No. Panggil
ISBN/ISSN 1978-8185
Pengarang Pradiani, Theresia - Personal Name
Andarwati, Mardiana - Personal Name
Judul Seri Jurnal EKSiS
GMD Computer File
Bahasa Indonesia
Penerbit fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unmer Malang
Tahun Terbit 2014
Tempat Terbit Malang
Deskripsi Fisik
Abstrak Consumer-based brand equity is defined by keller (2003) in response to different consumers for a brand that would differentiate one brand to another brand. buying process, consumers not only consider the factor of quality and price of a brand. but also other factors, including the country of origin of the brand (country of origin) (Lin and Kao, 2004). many consumers have a stereotype about country of origin of the brand, a real example is Indonesian societies believe Japanese cars have highly quality machine. This also applies to electronic goods.
The brand equity is grouped into several elements, they are consciousness name (brand awareness), brand loyalty, the association of the brand, the quality of the brand and the brand association. those for elemente can enhance the customer satisfaction. Sharp, as one of our electronic products, is highly demanded in Indonesia. To increase the credibility of a product, the electronic industry product use not only strategic the brand but also country of origin.
The test results are valid for all variable load factor values greater than 0.5 and less than 0.5. The test results of the 108 respondents, there is no data that deviate (outlier), because it does not have a z-score greater than 3.0 or less than -3.0. F test results with variable-free brand associations, brand awareness, brand quality and brand loyalty for dependent variable country of origin (0002). The results of t-test calculation is 0.000 < 0.05, so that there is a significant effect. SPSS data processing amount of R2 is 0.271, variable country of origins is explained by the variable brand associations, brand awareness, brand quality, and brand loyalty as the independent variable. Standard Error of Estimate (SEE) 0f 0.339. The smaller the value of SEE will make the appropriate regression model to predict the dependent variable country of origins.
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